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Owwie and reason for typos in comments

Life has been mad-busy with single-parenting and working and so forth for last 8 months, so I've been pretty much absent except for Twitter. then Thursday before Easter I had an accident. Fell, badly broke 2 fingers on left hand that required plastic surgery and wiring. Whole lower arm and hand in cast to support healing and protect sheared little and ring finger. Can't work for at least 3 weeks, no driving for at least 6 and "be careful or the'll re-snap like twigs" for weeks after. Will be delving back through LJ while forced to rest (and while pain meds mess with my brain) So you may see comments for things going way back.

Ken was home visiting until day after surgery, so that helped. Parents and other family are wonderful. Josh is learning to wash dishes, do laundry and cook simple food (which he should be learning to do anyway) with a minimum of moaning. thank goodness for close family (emotional and physical) and not breaking my dominant hand.

Jaime Lee Moyer needs your help

Originally posted by pjthompson at Jaime Lee Moyer needs your help

For urgent family reasons, she would very much like to contact her brother’s daughter, Danielle—but she disappeared years ago into the wilds of Washington state and they haven’t been able to locate her. Please take a look a her post on the subject and please help if you can.

Mirrored from Better Than Dead.

A meme for all seasons

Because many of my friends are doing it... and because I somehow have to find a way to finish this damned book....

The rules:

1. Go to page 77 (or 7th) of your current ms
2. Go to line 7
3. Copy down the next 7 lines – sentences or paragraphs – and post them as they’re written. No cheating.

from Firehorse

Many of the people of Lowtown had dusky skin – their place in society was determined by how much money and power they had, not their skin color. It was the Aelfar, with their distinctive green or brown-camouflaging skin, who held power, along with a few very rich merchant princes. Some of the half-breeds Dali had met had had mottled-colored skin, while others tended to pale green like herself, or a rich, woody brown that more closely resembled tree barks than human skin tones.

Kevill’s skin was not mottled. It was simply a sun-warmed brown, much like the farmers

online book clubs and a quick request

Recently joined the Vaginal Fantasy bookclub (http://vaginalfantasy.com/) on Goodreads after enjoying the hell out of the 4 posted youTube postings. Those women are so funny and interesting and I wish I had someone close I could talk books with like that.

Can anyone in the US spare me a couple of minutes to go to Amazon and try something? I want to buy the Grimspace title for Kindle by Ann Aguirre. Here in Australia it tells me it doesn't exist, but I believe some of the US-based readers could get it. Can you see a Kindle edition?
Am I being geographically-disadvantaged or is there just no Kindle edition?


Opinions requested re: Locus spreadsheet

Hi folks,
For a number of years I subscribed to the Locus Magazine. I would take the sales announcements and compile them into a spreadsheet so that my friends and online writers could track the announced sales of speculative fiction. The idea was to help us all see which agents were selling which books to which editors. http://www.members.optusnet.com.au/~mgoodin68/locus.htm

Unfortunately about 18 months ago I started having financial and personal complications which saw my updating of the spreadsheet stop, and I wasn't able to continue my subscription to Locus.

Over that time I've had requests for updates that I haven't been able to provide. I can provide the time to process the data from the back issues, but currently don't have the ready cash to resubscribe and buy the necessary back issues.

I'm wondering if this is the sort of thing that might work as a Kickstarter <http://www.kickstarter.com/> campaign if enough people found the spreadsheet useful and were willing to contribute? I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Belated happy birthday wishes to Varkat :}

I hope this year brings you abundance in health, happiness, love and achievement :}
DS11: Mum, I have a new pet.
Me: ...
DS11: His name is Fang!
Me: !!!
DS11: Come see!
Me: walks into his bedroom. Spots ginormous hairy huntsman spider on the roof over Joshua's bed. Fang is well named. Fang 8-eyes us back. Really big mandibles quiver.
Well, isn't Fang a healthy specimen?
DS11: He can eat any insects that want to bite me. Especially mosquitoes. I hate mosquitoes.
Me: Unfortunately they love you. *eyes Fang* You really want that hanging over your head at night?
DS11: mmm.... Maybe Fang better eat insects outside.
*cue catching and relocating of large hairy spider capable of very painful bites*

Here's hoping Fang has a lovely future in our garden.

Judge Dredd remake?

*blinks in surprise*
Really, Hollywood?
Don't get me wrong, I was a massive fan of Judge Dredd back in the day as a teenager - collected the comics for years, ran a JD desktop roleplaying game campaign and fangirled at the idea of a JD movie. And then I saw it back in ... whoa. 1995. Stallone was... well, hard to understand (subtitles please) but I thought the movie did an excellent job of capturing the appearance of the city and the general chaotic nature of the world.
Thing is, it wasn't successful. If you hadn't read the comics you had no idea what was going on. And Dredd removing his helmet? Dredd kissing Hershey? Very out of character.
I must admit I'll be curious to see the reboot. Hopefully Karl Urban will be more careful with his enunciation *g* Anyone else out there a fan of JD?

Which tarot card am I?

I've had a fascination with Tarot since I was a little girl and found my dad's Aquarian Tarot deck. The pictures, the stories of each card, the fortune telling ... the way dad took them away and told me I wasn't to even think about using Tarot cards until I was an adult ... all built the fascination. For a while I collected decks for the art and used them as plot-unblockers. So of course I had to do this meme when I saw it on my friends-pages :}

You are The High Priestess

Science, Wisdom, Knowledge, Education.

The High Priestess is the card of knowledge, instinctual, supernatural, secret knowledge. She holds scrolls of arcane information that she might, or might not reveal to you. The moon crown on her head as well as the crescent by her foot indicates her willingness to illuminate what you otherwise might not see, reveal the secrets you need to know. The High Priestess is also associated with the moon however and can also indicate change or fluxuation, particularily when it comes to your moods.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

Anyone surprised? I wasn't *g*


Is this thing on? *taps*

I've been gone for so long, not sure if anyone is still reading this. Status here is still as it was before *sigh* but I'm delighted that one of my OWW writing pals had her first book released this week. Congrats Jodi!
And to lighten my day, a little memeage. So, if you read this, leave me a one-word comment about your day that starts with the third letter of your LJ USERNAME. Only one word please. Then repost so I can leave a word for you. Don’t just post a word and not copy – that’s not as much fun!

Lost my email contacts :(

Hi folks,
Have accidentally destroyed my email save files and lost all my contact lists. I know, I'm an idiot for not backing those files up.
If you correspond with me (or want to correspond with me *g*) could you please PM me with your contact details? I promise I'll back the data up three different ways after this experience.
Now to see if anyone else has the family history emails that have become mere particles in the ether...

back up your emails folks!

Wish I had. I found out there was a new version of Pegasus, which I've happily used for years. In a hurry, didn't think to back up my mail folders (which held data from... you guessed it, many years.) Downloaded the new version, told it was an upgrade and... All of my old data has disappeared. All of it. Vanished like it had never existed.
I'm in a strange state of Zen about it all at the moment. Not happy but what can I do? Aside from never use that sodding program again. Grump.

can't post comments...

to other people's entries and I really want to. Argh. Stupid live journal keeps changing things!!!!

ETA: It only happened in some communities and journals - they had a pretty comment box but the post button was inactive. I fiddled around with some of my settings and told LJ to show every journal and community entry in my own style. That seems to have fixed it.

Vale Anne McCaffery

Anne McCaffery died on Monday and there is a tremendous stillness in my heart. Her Pern novels, the Crystal Singer, the wonderful romance Mark of Merlin, the Ship who Sang: all of these are fundamental to my love of novels, my love of flawed, strong, persistent heroines, and my love for speculative fiction.

Anne McCaffery is love of words for me. And she always will be. My first creative writing effort was a terrible, awful, bad pastiche putting me into her Pern, a harper and a dragon rider and the same for all my friends. I'm sure you can imagine. But it was her wonderful world that inspired me to write, and her characters that still stick in my head.

I was honored to see her at Worldcon in LA, and it was the highlight of a wonderful trip - so far away from my home, my first time meeting so many wonderful people I'd known only on the internet, but there was Anne McCaffery and a mental link to my childhood and dad sharing his books and his love of stories with me.

I haven't cried yet. It's still sinking in. And I'm at work, surrounded by packing boxes and dust. But I feel them gathering in my eyes and the back of my throat. Dragonlady, I honor you and will miss you.

Twitter, finally

Alright, I've finally set up a Twitter account. If you want me to follow you, or want to follow me, I'm MelindaGoodin. (I know, really creative, right? Will try to be more pithy and interesting on Twitter.)


Auel abandoned, Pierce embraced with glee

The exposition and rehashed plot in "Land of Painted Caves" has done me in. Normally I slog through just about any book rather than abandon it, but I couldn't force myself this time. Did some googling and review reading and feel totally justified in my decision. I won't spoil the ending, just in case there's anyone out there with more fortitude than me, but I'm glad I borrowed this from the work library and can return it as easily as I grabbed it. Not a wallbanger, but only because it isn't my book to hurl across the room.

Got to work today to find, oh frabjous joy, my preordered copy of Tamora Pierce's "Mastiff" was waiting in my inbox! I shall hug it and pet it and call it George. Oh, and read it too :}

Help! I'm drowning in exposition....

Trying to read "The Land of Painted Caves" by Jean Auel, but I want plot, dammit, not a digest of all the excellent research carried out for a baseline for the world. I think, in waiting so long for a finale to the series, I forgot how much wading through exposition I had to. Time does strange things to my memories of long-ago-read stories. I remember Ayla, the Mary-Sue of neolithic times. And the porn, err, love scenes.

Am I being harsh?

Hello from the Indian Ocean

I can't believe it's already day 41 of the 46 day cruise around the Indian Ocean. I'll be back home in a few days, and have waved goodbye to our last port, Mauritius. It's been an amazing time on the ship. I've had little "taster" visits to Malaysia, Thailand, India, South Africa, Reunion Island and Mauritius - just enough time to decide if I want to come back for a longer visit. I've met lots of older travellers and listened to their tales, spent quality time with my parents and son, learned a lot of line dances, had time to rediscover my enjoyment of belly dancing and taken a lot of time for myself to recover from the illness that put me in hospital just before the trip. It's been a rather wonderful time. Can't say I'm looking forward to getting back into the cooking - washing - shopping - shlepping routine, but I am looking forward to seeing my darling Ken and my fluffy dog and my newly-renovated kitchen :}

I managed to tick one thing off my bucket list while away - I got to pat living lions! Casela Nature Park's staff tried to muck me around, but in the end I got to spend an hour with 2 adolescent lions (a white lion and a yellow lioness) walking in the bush with them and getting to give them lots of pats. And Josh and I got to do a segway safari :} Photos of this and other holiday snaps at http://www.flickr.com/photos/63129700@N02/ if you are curious.

Please email me if anything important or good has happened for you in the last seven weeks. The internet access has been seriously lacking, so I've not been able to read LJ. I'd love to hear from you :}

A wild ride on the Indian Ocean

Having an interesting 24 hours on the ship - have hit 3.5 metre swells (10-12') and have had to change our itinerary to avoid a nasty cold front that could cause 5-8 metre swells. The ship is pitching and rolling like a wallowing pig, but is handling the surge well enough. Some of the elderly travellers on board however are suffering sea sickness and there have been a number of falls. The sickbags are starting to appear, laid out optomistically on top of the rubbish bins. When they start to line the passenger corridors I'll worry.

We have a wave pool today. We didn't yesterday. The staff had to put a net across to stop idiot passengers from jumping in to experience the surge (or the drop to the pool bottom as the water rushes to the opposite end.)

It's interesting to walk on the ship at the moment. If you're not staggering from side to side like a drunken sailor, you'll find the floor rising up to meet your foot or dropping away with no notice. soft knees are important for maintaining balance, as is staying close to something you can grab if the ship lurches sideways. You notice it even more when sitting, and there are alarming creaks and bangs and vibrations as waves slam the side of the ship. I'm up on deck 11, and I can feel the hammering and shivering of the boat. Last night, we not only got rocked to sleep, we also occasionally experienced free flight as we were tossed up off the mattress to land again. The motion doesn't bother me, thank goodness, but the creaking is unnerving.

If you are interested in photos from the trip you can find them at
http://www.flickr.com/photos/62653979@N04/ and
This morning we sailed into the Maldives, and anchored near Malé, the tiny capital of the Maldives. It has a population of 100,000+ people in barely 4 square miles of land. There isn’t a square foot that isn’t developed and it is seriously threatened by global warming, being only about 3 feet above sea level. If you think of the Maldives and think “postcard perfect island with palm trees and white sands, Malé is definitely not what you are picturing. Sadly we were too big to stop at the 1191 other islands (only 200 of which are populated) that do match the postcards.

Sadly I couldn't organise a dive in the limited time available, but I would have had to pay for the whole boat, so not to worry. And when I heard the expel their sewerage untreated into the sea, I decided against going snorkelling. (eww)

My family decided there wasn't enough of interest in the heavily overpopulated, tiny city to motivate them to get off the boat. So I went alone. I wandered the main streets and winding back alleys and I felt perfectly safe, extremely hot, and sometimes the object of curiousity. At least no one thought me so curious they would grab me to be in a photo with them, as happened several times in India. (What were they thinking? "Look, Lakshmi, a tall, ghostly Westerner. Wasn't she odd?")

Old men crossed the street to say hello and ask which country I was from. Young men did the same, but half of those wanted me to visit their shops.

It's true that Male is small and doesn't have a lot to attract the tourist. It has even less to attract the tourist on Saturday, which is the Muslim holy day, when the well-regarded museum and art gallery are both closed. Still I was able to visit the old (1600s) coral Mosque and the new grand (and somewhat sterile) Mosque out of prayer times, check out the national library (so tiny! Could fit the whole thing in one floor of my university library) and the obligatory souvenir shops.

A nice way to spend the day, all in all.

trip reports

Hi folks,
For an adult's perspective on my holiday (my dad's) and photos of Josh and me on an elephant and holding hands with a monkey (from our day in Phuket) you can check out my dad's blog at http://drlrose2011.travellerspoint.com/
There's also a video of my cheeky son almost derailing a magician's show onboard :}

Will post more from an internet cafe in India (almost there!)
Hi folks,
Internet access on board the Sea Princess is via satellite and very sporadic so I may have to upload a bunch of blog entries at an internet cafe in India (wish me luck! *g*)

We are in very dangerous waters with recent pirate activity, so we had to do a safety drill yesterday. We're too big a target: too big to scale, water cannons and audible attack systems, plus we're big and fast and would swat or overrun them. Not to mention an American cruise ship and 1700 Australians = tough and very angry Navies that would hunt down and exterminate anyone stupid enough to try something. But still, better to be safe than sorry.

(mind you, the charges for Internet access on this ship? That's piracy!!!)

for now, if you're interested you can see my photos at http://www.flickr.com/photos/62653979@N04/
and read my son's blog for some idea of what we've been up to. If you're feeling kind, please leave him a comment - he'd love it. His blog is at http://joshuaoz.livejournal.com/

May. 6th, 2011

Day 2: Wednesday 4th May

Today was our first full day at sea. Josh and I went to the restaurant to have a hot breakfast and chatted with a couple from WA who were seated at our table. Then Josh went to kids club for the morning. He made a t-shirt which had Pikachu, Oddish and Shellos on it – he drew them from his Pokemon guide book and did a very good job. He also did some craft activities and made a rattlesnake out of clay and a model of the solar system. Henry, the third boy, had come to kids club so they all know each other now. Read more...Collapse )
Straight after dinner we went to see a magic show in the Vista Lounge. We got there early so we could sit at the front and Finn came up to sit with us. The magician, Scott Davies, used to be the ringmaster for Silvers Circus. He asked for volunteers and eyeballed us in the front row. Dad and I put up our hands and went up on stage to watch and help him do some card and coin tricks. He put coins in my hand and I have no idea how he managed it. Then he picked Finn to help with a trick and pulled a handkerchief out of Finn’s sleeve. He asked Josh to help with a bottle trick and Josh mucked around and made everyone laugh, even Scott. Josh squatted down to look inside the paper bag into which the bottle was supposed to have disappeared and said “The bottle is still there!” Then Scott scrunched up the bag with the bottle still inside it and threw it away. It looked like the bottle wasn’t even there. Josh has no idea how he did that. Then the magician got Josh to to time him while he escaped from a straight-jacket. He was strapped in with his hands tied behind his back but he got out with one second to spare. Josh was so busy watching the timer and spekaing into the mike that he missed seeing the act – we’ll see Scott’s show again tomorrow.

Josh, my folks and I took a tour around the top deck to look at the stars, played a few games of shuffleboard and then headed off to our cabins. Josh was unimpressed that I made him dictate some blog entries, but I didn’t want to let it go too long. Imagine how thrilled he’ll be when I make him do homework tomorrow! *g*

It’s late now. Hopefully he won’t wake up too early.

Sick on my birthday :{

Have a revolting virus that feels like a flu but isn't. The timing really sucks :{


Locus spreadsheet mea culpa

Apologies to anyone who has been expecting an update in the last... year. (Year! Really? How did that happen? Now I really feel guilty.)

I am frantically coding to catch up with May to November 2010's sales announcements. I hope to have at least 3 months of the update content available in the next week or two, but the rest will have to wait as I will be without internet access for some time.

I'm sorry for letting it slip for so long... Things have been rather interesting over the last few months.

My Locus subscription expired without my getting around to renewing it. Does anyone have the Dec 2010 - April 2011 issues who is willing to do a clear photocopy of the sales pages and send them to me here in Australia? If you can, I will code them in July. Please PM me if you can help. I'm renewing my sub but am not sure if I can get back issues.

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